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Antiques on Kettner is a 10,000 sq ft full-service mall representing multiple dealers and offering a large and varied selection of antiques and collectibles in most any category. Now in its fifth year, the store is located in the Studio Arts Complex in the heart of downtown San Diego’s historic “Little Italy” Art & Design district. Our Quality dealers offer thousands of smalls along with a nice selection of Arts & Crafts and Mid-Century Modern accessories and furniture. A friendly and helpful staff is on-site to help make your shopping experience a pleasant one.
Antiques on Kettner is located at 2400 Kettner Blvd, Suite 106, San Diego, California. Hours are 10AM-6PM daily. We are closed on Tuesday. The store may be reached by phone at (619) 234-3332 or online at or by email at
ESTATE SALE SERVICES - We help people in many situations that require personal property liquidation or downsizing. We understand it can be a stressful and overwhelming process, and our objective is to make it as painless as possible with our caring, flexible, discreet and professional services. We offer complete estate liquidation services including on-site and private estate sales, auction house placements, outright purchase or buyouts, eBay & www listing, donation and hauling/clean-out. Our goal is to help our customers attain the highest prices possible for their personal property. We have a large network of resources and outlets to help maximize the value of the estate. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will treat the customer's personal property with the utmost care. We are committed to respect the customer's personal situation, the estate, and the items within it. We are licensed and bonded.
Our ESTATE SALE SERVICES always start with a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION that will give our customers a realistic view of how much they can expect to profit from the estate; we will also determine which of our services are best suited to the type of items in the estate, discuss fees and timelines for completion of the sale. Contact us at (619) 234-3332 or by email at We serve San Diego County and will travel throughout the state of California for the right estate sale. Feel free to send us images of your estate by email for a quick first evaluation!
ESTATE SALE SERVICE - Our team will carefully survey, research, appraise and price each item with customer profit in mind. High valued items are usually pulled and sent to the appropriate auction house. Special items are re-directed to www services, to reach a broader audience or specialty collectors. Our experienced & capable team guarantees smooth and secured estate sales. If needed, the estate sale may be PRIVATE; our network of dealers and loyal buyers guarantees strong attendance no matter the type of sale. All our sales are preceded by heavy promotion through our email list, web site, FaceBook page and newspaper advertisements. At the end of the sale, we will provide an itemized statement of what sold and give the customer several options for the remaining items – buyout, consignment at our store or donation. Our commitment is to leave the house “broom clean“.
BUYOUT SERVICES - There are instances when the estate needs to generate an immediate income and/or quickly clear the property premises. Similarly, the estate may not have enough personal property to justify an estate sale onsite. We offer the choice of buying the contents of the entire estate for one fixed price. After removing the estate contents, we will clear the place and leave the house “broom clean“.
AUCTION PLACEMENT - High-valued items are pulled from the estate sale and redirected to an auction house. We are familiar with many specialized auction houses and use our knowledge to suggest the best match for the item and the client. Our services will take care of every aspect of this transaction: we will contact auction houses, determine the best match, ship the item and follow through the completion of the auction.
EBAY AND WWW SERVICES - Specialty and unsold items benefit from placement on larger markets than those reached at a local estate sale. Our team has over ten years of experience in listing and selling merchandise on eBay and related sites. We have multiple “power seller“ profiles and a strong following of loyal customers. Our completely redesigned website provides another powerful venue to reach a broad audience. Items may be placed on our site as they would be at the store – see it as a “virtual“ venue that mirrors our physical store. Each item will be researched, appraised, priced and photographed. We will set up the listing, follow through the auction, coordinate the shipping upon completion of the sale and provide the customer with an itemized statement.